Baustein Method


Red Pill Roadmap

The Red Pill Roadmap is an exclusive 12-week holistic coaching journey, thoughtfully crafted to ignite your musical potential. Through expert guidance and strategic insights, it empowers you to gain clarity on your goals, cultivate a positive mindset, and take proactive action towards your musical aspirations.


You can have excuses, or you can have results

People living the successful life they want, are just lucky?

Great musicians are better than you,
because they are blessed with natural talent?

Usually you only see the result, but not the road they have travelled.
If you want things to change, you need to change and draw your own roadmap!


Unlock your artistic potential in 12 weeks

Artistic Foundation

WEEK 1-4

.  Self-Reflection, Visioning, Clarity

.  Learn from Role Models

.  Goal Setting, Vision Crafting

Strategic Development

WEEK 5-8

Skill Development, Team Building

Navigating Creative Process

Strategic Planning & Execution

Growth & Presence

WEEK 9-12

Online Presence Building

Network Building, Connections

Continuous Growth, Skill Refinement


Playing music is more than just "playing music"!


Does the prospect of a music and mindset boost resonate with you?
Are you ready to take proactive action?
You’re not afraid of working on yourself and finding clarity?

Don't wait for opportunities ... create it!

RED PILL ROADMAP - Who is this for?


1. Are ready to take action to pursue their music dreams.
2. Seek clarity and a transformative life change.
3. Want to unlock their musical potential.
4. Are prepared to step out of their comfort zone and set ambituous goals.
5. Want to build a positive mindset and attract positivity.
6. Are ready to become the captain of their life, surrounded by the right people.
7. Break free from past limitations and push their limits.
8. Embrace personal development and growth.
9. Are willing to invest in themselves and their future.
10. Want to focus on their life, music career, and move forward.


Ready to leave your comfort zone?

It all starts with (re)defining your goals and gaining clarity. Music, a powerful stress-reducer, enhances overall well-being, elevating mood, mental alertness, and memory. It's a holistic brain workout, refining fine motor skills. Whether seeking inner peace or nurturing musical ambitions, discover the transformative benefits of music in your life.

Winners never quit, quitters never win.

Elevate your music skills, foster personal development, and implement strategic plans in our weekly 1-on-1 seminars. Benefit from 200% focus on your unique situation. The Red Pill Roadmap is no one-size-fits-all program. It's tailored to your specific goals, encompassing technical skills, ear training, music theory, songwriting, music release, and more.

Dream big, set goals, take action!

If you want to go for the extraordinary instead of the ordinary, you need that little extra! Do what you always did, and you’ll have what you always had. If you want to change your life, you should change. Focus on what you want, and stop thinking of what you don’t have or don’t want. Let's enhance your mindset as we elevate your music goals.