Baustein Method


Become the best version of yourself

Take control of your own life, instead of being lived


Do what 98% of others won't

I assist you in boosting your music skills in a short period of time.

I guide you in discovering energy and clarity for your future and goals.

I help you getting the laserfocus that makes you grow.

Nice to meet you. I’m Baustein – music producer, songwriter, music trainer and music coach. Born and raised in Germany behind a piano, turntable infected at the age of 12. While classical and jazz educated, my relentless passion for contemporary music persisted in various styles from electronic music up to pop, rock and metal.

After completing music college, I found myself in a cycle of regular dismissals from various jobs, leading to dissatisfaction and depression. Realizing this wasn’t the life I desired, I made a solemn promise to never work another day in my life.

It’s been a winding and scary road, but step by step I started taking control of my own life. Today, I playfully claim to have fully retired in 2013 … and that’s exactly how I feel until today.

Change your mind, change your life.

Don't wait for opportunities - create it!


Since 30 years I trained and met countless musicians and artists. Many of them stuck in the daily routine. Just spending a lot of time practicing their music instruments, no more or no less. Many years later, they were still going in circles, made no progress, looked unhappy, unhealthy. Mainly complaining and blaming everything except themselves. What they shared, much like my past self, was lack of clarity and no defined goals.


Taking a different approach, I began guiding my clients not only in music training but also in shaping their future. This involved fostering the right mindset, goal setting, self development, gaining clarity, and stepping out of their comfort zones. Gradually, an increasing number of individuals joined my music training, breaking free from their daily struggles and personal challenges. As they gained clarity about their future, they could start setting meaningful goals.


Motivated by my extensive experience mentoring musicians, I embarked on the journey to develop a transformative 12-week program. The foundation of this program is a carefully crafted roadmap, transcending mere musical training to instill personal growth, clarity, and a sense of purpose. With each step resembling a unique musical note, participants evolve into well-rounded individuals equipped with a clear vision for success in both their artistic endeavors and personal lives.



Elevate your music skills quickly while unlocking positive energy and gaining crystal-clear clarity on your goals and future

Wouter Baustein, music producer and personal music coach at the studio


I assist my clients in finding focus and clarity while developing their music skills.

Absolute beginners up to advanced music lovers, who want to take control of their lives and design their own futures.